Friday, 4 October 2013

Enjoying the hobby despite the cynics.

  I have long despised the cynics in the hobby. The unfortunate side-effect of the wonder of the internet when it comes to our hobby, are those rank pillecks who feel they have all the answers as to how we all should be building our model kits.

 We are pursuing a hobby that started when we were children. There is nothing more pure than the pleasure we derive from making models of the subjects that fascinate us. We spent years of our youth making models to fight massive conflicts in our backyards, fighting pitched battles in the sandbox and dogfights that would rival the film the Battle of Britain.

 However, at some point the internet took over. Strangers from some land far away started giving us the impression that we had some responsibility to them, or even history, to build models that they felt represented the subject matter as they felt was appropriate. Why, is my question.

 When did this all become so deadly serious? Personally, I gave up on all of the modelling forums about four years ago. I used to engage people in arguments on the forums about seriously silly shit. I was engaging guys who have nothing better to do than argue with strangers anonymously. Why would anyone with a sense of self worth argue the toss with someone who does not even use their real name on an internet forum? I have made many great friends though the internet forums, and still have some of the best friendships I can hold dear to my heart as a result, however I spent so much time arguing the toss with complete strangers and wasted so much time scrolling through endless amounts of pointless babble looking for something to talk about. For what purpose?

 I cut myself off totally. One day I woke up and decided I would never participate in a forum discussion again. I am not saying everyone needs to do this, but for my own piece of mind it has served me well. I have not missed anything and am no worse off for it. I spend more time modelling and more importantly, I spend more time with my family. Have I missed anything in not arguing about how accurate Revell's Bf 109 is? Nah... I have just spent a few enjoyable nights building the kit and adding the detail I want to.

 Do I need to add detail or correct any perceived deficiencies to please anyone who will potentially read my article? No.  Not a chance. If you want to read my take on the model, you will read it and hopefully enjoy it. If not, buy another mag.

 My perspective on this entire modelling lark is that this hobby is a hobby. I feel no responsibility to anyone with my models, I am not responsible for recreating history, that is the job of the real aviation magazines. Let Aeroplane or Air Force Monthly report historical accuracy. Scale Aircraft Modelling is about a hobby. It is about artists building models. It is about guys who love building models producing fantastic articles and interesting projects. And about guys reading articles that inspire great modelling, regardless of what level they are personally at. This hobby is just that. A hobby. Buy SAM if you want, or don't. This magazine does very well on the back of an approach that appeals to people who love building models. And it works. There is no elite concept and nothing non accessible about what we do, just some great modelling.

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