Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I love the Blue Jays and I do not care who knows it...

What I just posted to the Toronto Star website:

Why not trade Bautista? Some of the comments here have been left by the typical fairweather Blue Jays fans with no appreciation for the beautiful game, however trading Bautista is the best thing the club could do. Despite the fact that all they could get for him now is a bat bag and a gatorade bucket. To any intelligent GM that is. What we so poorly lack.
 The first thing the franchise needs to do though is shed itself of Anthopolus. Do I need to say anything more than the Aaron Hill trade? Or Jan Gomes? If I had been raped so badly by the rest of the league I could not hold my head up at team meetings.
 Imagine an infield of Lawrie, Reyes, Hill and either Lind or Eddie? With Gomes behind the plate. Sorry JP, you are a very nice guy, but .209 is not good enough and not being able to throw out the trash is not good enough. Arencebia is a second string catcher at best.

 What is wrong with Rajai Davis? In the second spot in the order with the Raj, we have a legitimate every day outfielder... Give the guy a chance to play. Colby Rasmus is the best centre fielder to play for the Jays since Devon White. He has the tools, he just needs to be given the affirmation of hitting in the 3 spot on a regular basis. The team does not need the negative malcontent that is Jose. Rajai in left, Colby in centre and Sierra in right. With Gose as the fourth. He has had enough time in the minors, make him the fourth! If he cannot do it now, then the time has come to make a serious decision. We have watched him toy with the bigs for three years now.
 The franchise seems to overlook the importance of a positive clubhouse influence. The Red Sox are so good this year because they have chemistry. Up and down the lineup they know the guy behind them knows the basics of the game. Fundamental baseball is what we lack... not passion. Errors are a problem. Because John Gibbons is clueless. How can you expect a team to play small ball when they cannot execute? If you do not do the drills and do not have a concept, how can you win those close games?
 The Jays need to do a couple of things. Get rid of the GM, get rid of his pal Gibbons and find a new catcher.  The rotation will be strong next year, the outfiled is not a problem and Goins (if he can maintain the progress so far) is the answer at second. With Kawasasockittome providing the clubhouse presence and skills that we have lacked since Mac was traded...

 Sorry Dad, I know you like Jose.

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