Sunday, 15 September 2013

Good Decisions / Bad Decisions

I was glad I decided to watch the Bills game this afternoon rather than the Blue Jays, as the Bills came back to win in spectacular fashion in the dying seconds of the game. The Blue Jays on the other hand...

 I am a creature of habit and in order to save myself the effort of creating a Word document for the Bf 109 article from scratch, I went back to find a previous article to work from. At first I was a bit startled as it seemed I had not done any modelling since the Airfix Vampire in the April issue, however I had overlooked the Airfix Typhoon in July. July... not as bad as it could be, although in reality it means I have not touched any plastic in about three months.

 No more excuses, it is time to get set up and start this thing rolling. All I need to do now is figure out which version I am going to make and what parts match which version. Revell's instructions do not help things much, as both markings options feature Black Chevrons, although the early version has a white tail, which will add a splash of colour. Yes, I know the 109 experten will be rolling their eyes, but at least I know the early uses the Revi 12 and not the Revi 16... I hope.

Perhaps I will have a look at the decal options available at Hannants first. I'll have a beer and watch the Dodgers Giants game first, then I will crack on with some modelling after that...really...

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